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Work as virtual assistant and earn money by performing simple tasks

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016

Work as virtual assistant and earn money by performing simple tasks

A virtual assistant is every individual that performs the duties of other people over the internet. The person doesn’t have to finish those tasks which are why they are called virtual. There are a plethora of tasks that can be done by a virtual assistant, but not all of them are paid same, and not all of them are as easy as other duties.
Here are few tasks that are paid well, but they don’t require a professional education or some rigorous program or software to master.
Those that possess some level of grammar and writing style knowledge may found blog proofreading an easy way to earn around 20 dollars per hour. No particular skill is required, and you can make some easy cash by correcting the mistakes of the writers. 5-malos-habitos-a-los-que-no-creias-tan-daninos-1Those blogs will come from all sides, paid writers, bloggers that want high-quality blogs without errors and companies who value blogging as a form of marketing.
It isn’t an excellent job, but you can be a bot aka you can write comments for money. You will find a lot of work in the binary options business, where you will write positive feedback on the articles and reviews of the customer’s broker site. funkce_fotoIt is a natural form of making some pocket money in your free time.
WordPress is a program that you can master with an easy, and you can use it to format the posts of the other people. It’s quite easy, once the blog goes through the polishing it must be published and at that point the knowledge of this program comes in the play. Knowledge of coding isn’t necessary to post the blogs, and this job is a good place to start for all freelancers. Visit https://wordpress.org/ and learn more.
Blogging is a business that contains a lot of small things that the writer or a manager of the blog doesn’t want to do. For example, you have the planning and the scheduling of the upcoming posts. Yes, there is a calendar of all of the future posts, and someone has to be there to manage it.

That person also checks the ratings and the popularity of individual posts. When they notice that one type of posts gains more popularity than the others, then they instruct other people to focus on that subject.

Good knowledge of the English language and being able to converse with various people are the skills that will help you earn in a customer support.

You might not be aware, but over 80 percent of the client support is done by the people from their homes. The pay varies, from 15 to 30 dollars per hour, but the job isn’t hard. blogging-perfect-stranger-wendy-staubIf you apply for this kind of work, you will get the instructions that will lead you to the calls that you receive. No special knowledge is required, and you can maximize your profit by working for several parties at once. It is up to you to determine the working hours, so this is a perfect part-time job for people that want to earn something on the side.

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Most common scams in Binary options trading

Posted by on Jul 16, 2016

Most common scams in Binary options trading

Trading the binary options is an interesting way to earn money, but it is a field that is plagued with scammers, just like any other form of trading and gambling. Everyone who have hear about binary options trading have probably heard about the scams within it, but people that start trading binary options are unaware of the dangers that is has. Now, here are some of the most common types of the scams that a trader will encounter while he trades these options.
The brokers will downplay their risk of the trading, and this can be considered as a form of scam. Whenever you stumble on the broker who implies that the majority of the trades are a win (4 out of 5, 8 out of ten or something similar), don’t trust it. enhanced-17183-1459303430-5The amount of successful trades is up to you and your skills and knowledge. No broker can guarantee you successful trades, and the risk of trading is always higher than they present it.
2-300x300Cold calling is another very common scam and it can be done over the phone or over the email (in the most cases it is done over the phone). In this scam you get a phone call from a person who claims that he works for a broker that you use. They will tell you about a great tip in which you can earn a lot of money (a trade that can’t go sour). Due to the limits of the amount of money you can invest they will ask for you to send them money to perform the trade, or they will give you several trades on which you should place your money. In both cases your money is lost, because the tip is false.
Brokers also hide terms and conditions which turn out to be damaging to the traders. There were cases where traders were unable to withdraw their money due to a condition that wasn’t written anywhere. 4b73c966b7503bfe01348f881a129faaThese are the scams broker do to keep the traders trading. They profit from trades, and if a trader withdraws the money then they will start again with small numbers, but if the trader is under investigation (his money is still on the account) then there is a chance that they will trade and lose money. There have been some cases in which the traders refused to trade while they were under the so called investigations, and their money was mysteriously placed on losing trades.
Every broker will offer you a personal account manager, a person that will take over the trading for you. This is the worst thing that you can accept from a broker. Broker wants to things, they want you to trade and they want you to lose your money, so you can invest more and lose once again.

Their employee that acts as the manager of your account won’t work against the broker, they will work for them. They will place a lot of money on a lot of trades and the next time you log into your account you will notice that they have wasted your money and trades that were obviously bad.

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